About 'Ask the experts'

Worried about how to cover your expenses since your ovarian cancer diagnosis? Thought about changing your diet but don’t know how? Want to do more exercise, but don’t know where to start? We’re here to help.

We put your questions to specialists, including oncologists, clinical nurse specialists, lawyers, beauty writers and finance gurus. We also consult women that have been through similar experiences. We hope their advice will help you feel more empowered to make your own decisions and decide your next steps.

'Ask the experts' podcasts

In June 2014, Target Ovarian Cancer hosted a free 'Ask the experts' information event for all women with ovarian cancer and their family and friends. In a new series of podcasts, you can hear from a range of experts about the latest in screening, treatments and surgery.

Featured experts

Our experts’ suggestions are their own and not endorsed by Target Ovarian Cancer staff. We do, however, strongly recommend that you seek professional advice on your personal circumstances before acting on any advice you receive.