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About ovarian cancer

Target Ovarian Cancer is the national ovarian cancer charity working to save lives and help women diagnosed live their lives to the full, wherever they are in the UK. We provide support for women with ovarian cancer via our website, publications, our programme of events and courses, all available free of charge

What is ovarian cancer?
Information about ovarian cancer, including symptoms, risks, types and stages, as well as top tips on seeing your GP.  

I have just been diagnosed with ovarian cancer
Information for women with a recent diagnosis, including treatment, practical advice, stories and support for how you might feel.  

My ovarian cancer has come back
If you have a recurrence of ovarian cancer, visit this section for treatment information, practical advice, stories and support

My ovarian cancer is terminal
If chemotherapy is no longer wanted or possible, visit this section for information, advice, stories and support

Support for you
Discover our support publications and events, as well as listings of support groups in your area

Familial ovarian cancer
In most situations, ovarian cancer is not an inherited disease, but in up to 20 per cent of cases ovarian cancer can run in the family. Find out about symptoms and risk factors and treatment, prevention and risk reduction

Ask the experts
We put your questions to specialists in oncology, nursing, law, beauty, finance, wellbeing and more 

Further advice for younger women
Three quarters of new ovarian cancer cases in the UK are diagnosed in women aged 55 years and over. If you’re a younger woman, please visit this page for additional support.

Clinical trials information
All new medical treatments and procedures have to be thoroughly tested before being approved with a selected number of patients. These are clinical trials.

Quick cancer quiz
Test your knowledge of ovarian cancer with our quick cancer quiz, then share your knowledge with your friends. How much do you know?

A to Z
Confused by some of the words used to talk about ovarian cancer? Use our ovarian cancer glossary to get to grips with medical terminology and jargon.