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Information for health professionals

Health professionals play an essential role in the diagnosis, treatment and support of women with ovarian cancer. Target Ovarian Cancer works closely with health professionals, providing support courses, information resources and useful links, to ensure that women with ovarian cancer are given the best support available.

The latest information on ovarian cancer diagnosis, treatment and familial ovarian cancer, plus free online learning modules.
Our online hub for Clinical Nurse Specialists working with women with ovarian cancer, our e-update for nurses and resources to help you support patients.
The latest information on ovarian cancer symptoms, supporting pharmacists in the community, plus order symptoms information to display in your pharmacy.
Resources to help you support your patients, plus information on research and our Pathfinder study tracking the experiences of people living with and working with ovarian cancer.
Information for occupational health and human resources professionals
Information to help raise awareness amongst your employees, and on supporting women with ovarian cancer in the workplace.