World Ovarian Cancer Day
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Posted by Target Ovarian Cancer on Friday 5 May 2017

Today we're joining together with people across the world to mark World Ovarian Cancer Day. It's a chance each year to join the global ovarian cancer community and spread the word about the symptoms.

SerenSeren Hughes, 21 from Flintshire, was diagnosed with ovarian cancer when she was 19 and in her first year at university. Since her treatment Seren has been able to return to university, and now works hard to campaign and raise awareness of ovarian cancer and the symptoms – particularly in younger women. She is shouting loud this World Ovarian Cancer Day to show women everywhere that their voice has power.

Seren said: “Since I was diagnosed it has been a rollercoaster of a journey – but I am now in remission. I'm feeling amazing, thankful and inspired to spread awareness of ovarian cancer. My story has been shared in magazines and national as well as local newspapers, and I am also keen to share these articles on my own social media too. If there is any opportunity to shout out about my story to spread awareness, I will grab it with both hands!

“It is important to share my story, not only because more people need to know the symptoms of ovarian cancer, but also because of my age. Ovarian cancer doesn't just occur in older women – that perception needs to change. Everyone needs to be aware of the symptoms and I want to do my part in making that happen.

“You have the power to tell people about the symptoms of ovarian cancer. So many women are diagnosed late because the symptoms are treated as something different. You have the power to tell them what to look out for, and you might save someone's life in doing so.”

We know that early diagnosis saves lives. Every woman's voice has power, by raising your voice and raising awareness you can change a woman's life.

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