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Posted by Target Ovarian Cancer on Wednesday 31 May 2017

We are delighted to be relaunching our Target Ovarian Cancer Clinical Trials Information Centre today, an essential tool in helping more women access trials.

Target Ovarian Cancer’s award-winning Clinical Trials Information Centre was first launched in response to a very clear gap, as evidenced in our Pathfinder research, that women with ovarian cancer were not accessing clinical trials, despite the majority wanting to and being willing to travel. Since launch, over 16,000 people have used the tool, enabling them to find the information they need, ask the right questions of their clinicians, and access trials.

The refreshed tool is more user-friendly, giving people more search options, making trials even easier to find. Information is laid out more simply, making it easier to print and share with clinicians.

Clinical trials offer women who have a diagnosis of ovarian cancer the opportunity to access new cancer drugs, improve understanding of the disease and treatment options, and access the highest quality care. We know from Pathfinder that 25 per cent of women with ovarian cancer are on a clinical trial, and 55 per cent of women who are not on a trial would like to join one. Not only that but research has shown that those taking part in clinical trials have improved survival rates, regardless of whether they receive the new treatment or the standard treatment.

Chief Executive, Annwen Jones, said: “We already knew that the Target Ovarian Cancer Clinical Trials Information Centre was supporting women and health professionals to increase participation in clinical trials. More trials mean that research can advance and more lives can be saved. We are delighted to have a centre that is making such a clear difference to women with ovarian cancer and to research."

Lynette Lissner, who has had a diagnosis of ovarian cancer, said: “I’ve been on a clinical trial for three years now, and I was the first person in the world on this particular one. I didn’t know – nobody knows – what the side effects would be, but I was willing to try it. It might help others in the future and it’s also helping me now.”

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