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Posted by Target Ovarian Cancer on Wednesday 5 July 2017

Around one thousand women under the age of 50 are diagnosed with ovarian cancer every year. As well as facing the difficult news of a cancer diagnosis, younger women often have additional challenges: How do I cope with an early menopause? How will my relationships be affected? What does this mean for my future fertility options?

Today, Target Ovarian Cancer continues its work providing accurate and reliable information for women with ovarian cancer with a refreshed edition of A younger woman’s guide to ovarian cancer. This guide was produced in partnership with Ovacome, Ovarian Cancer Action and The Eve Appeal.

Here to help

The guide is written by health professionals and experts, and developed in collaboration with women who have had a diagnosis of ovarian cancer. The new, updated version is accredited by the Information Standard scheme to ensure that the information we provide is accurate and trustworthy.

This guide provides information on treatment, early menopause, body image and sexuality, fertility, personal relationships, coping if you have children and finding practical and financial support.

Reach out and relate to younger women in similar situations

The guide offers information and guidance about living with ovarian cancer and includes stories from other younger women a diagnosis, who give their own hints and advice. Sarah, diagnosed aged 40, says, “I set up a tree of communication… knowing my partner didn’t have to talk to everyone, because that can be wearing, was a huge relief.”

Hannah, diagnosed aged 19, talks about personal relationships: “Take people’s help when they offer it… it’s really nice to have that support.”

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