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Looking down a microscope
Thursday 22 September 2016
In the news: A new computerised test using software designed to study plant and animal ecosystems has been used in ovarian cancer cells. The new way of testing aims to measure the diversity of cells in the environment around secondary ovarian cancer tumours, or metastases, after cancer has spread....
Yiyan in the lab
Monday 19 September 2016
Dr Yiyan Zheng (pictured) is a post-doctoral researcher in Professor Ahmed Ashour Ahmed’s lab at the Weatherall Institute of Molecular Medicine (IMM), University of Oxford. Target Ovarian Cancer has funded Dr Zheng’s work since 2013. We visited the lab to ask him about his important work on ovarian...
Susan at the top of Ben Nevis
Friday 16 September 2016
This summer our Director of Fundraising, Susan, took on the challenge of Ben Nevis. It is the highest mountain in the British Isles at 1346m above sea level. Ben Nevis, from the Scottish Gaelic, can be translated as ‘the mountain with its head in the clouds’. Which is true for around 300 days of...
Janos Balega presenting at Ask the Experts
Wednesday 14 September 2016
Earlier this summer we held the hugely successful Ask the Experts conference. We were joined by top clinicians and researchers who spoke about the latest advances in surgery, targeted treatment and the latest research. Our third speaker of the day was Mr Janos Balega, Consultant Gynaecological...