Tuesday 3 June 2014
Were you 45 or under when you were first diagnosed with ovarian cancer? Are you a family member or friend of someone who was diagnosed before 45? Are you a health professional working with younger women that have been diagnosed with ovarian cancer? We would like to hear from you! We're working...
Monday 2 June 2014
Target Ovarian Cancer has appointed a GP Advisory Board on ovarian cancer, bringing together leading GPs from around the UK in a bid to improve outcomes in early diagnosis for women. Dr Hilary Morrison is a retired GP from Staffordshire who has been diagnosed with ovarian cancer. She’s now a...
Wednesday 28 May 2014
90 per cent of GPs surveyed recently admitted to being unaware that the increased risk of developing ovarian cancer can be passed through the father’s side of the family. Target Ovarian Cancer believes that lives could be saved if this knowledge were better applied, and GPs and women were more...
Thursday 22 May 2014
Last Sunday, a vibrant spectacle called "Playing our Part" took place, with the brightest stars of London’s West End gathering for an evening of pop songs and musical theatre. All proceeds from the evening – which reached an incredible £62,000 - went to Target Ovarian Cancer. Nadim Naaman, who...