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Friday 20 May 2016
The Pathfinder Advisory Panel is a group of women with ovarian cancer, family and friends, and medical professionals. They oversee progress on the Pathfinder study and advise on everything from areas to focus on to interpreting the results. Christine Mitchell is a member of the Panel and was...
Wednesday 18 May 2016
When Team Target met at Heathrow Airport, none of us could quite imagine the journey that was to come. No-one in the thirteen-strong group had ever been to China before, let alone signed up to a challenge like trekking the Great Wall. We each brought with us our own fears and excitement - but most...
Monday 16 May 2016
Target Ovarian Cancer has funded ground-breaking research into genetic testing, which has now been published in the prestigious Journal of Medical Genetics. We are committed to funding groundbreaking projects which will impact the lives of people touched by ovarian cancer now and in the future. And...
Thursday 12 May 2016
This week, the National Cancer Transformation Board published NHS England’s cancer strategy implementation plan. The plan was written jointly by the different NHS bodies (including NHS England and Public Health England) and sets out how the new Cancer Strategy for England (published in July 2015)...