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Let's Talk about raising awareness

Use your experience to educate and empower women about ovarian cancer with our Let's Talk programme.



Ruth made an appearance on local television: “Using the facts is a way of immediately hooking in the listeners. Even the men in the group I talked to found it disturbing and unacceptable that the number of women dying is still so high.”

You may already know the facts: just three per cent of women in the UK feel very confident in identifying an ovarian cancer symptom. Sadly, most women are diagnosed after the ovarian cancer has spread, making it more difficult and complex to treat.

But you have a chance to change this. You can use your experiences, and connections, to make sure more women know the signs and symptoms of ovarian cancer, and save lives. If diagnosed at the earliest stage, survival rates for ovarian cancer double.

We’ve designed the Let’s Talk programme to give you the tools and confidence to raise ovarian cancer awareness in your local communities, and beyond.

Who is Let's Talk aimed at?

Whether you are organising your first awareness raising activity or are planning to reach out to a wider audience, we want everyone – novice or experienced – to get involved with campaigning for us. 

Our campaigners include ovarian cancer survivors, family members, friends and health professionals.

How you can get involved

Be proactive

Think about how you could spread the word within your own networks:

  • Have a ladies’ night – enjoy a bit of glamour and gossip but also raise awareness of symptoms. Or a boy’s night – men can raise awareness too of course!
  • Invite some friends or colleagues round for a quiz and feature some questions about ovarian cancer.
  • Create displays in local centres such as libraries, community centres, clubs or your work place.
  • Post the symptoms on your Facebook page or on your Twitter account and ask your friends to do the same.

Think big

  • Tell your story to the local paper or inform them about an event you are running, or speak on local radio.
  • Involve your local MP in displays or events about ovarian cancer. Ask them to join the All Party Parliamentary Group on Ovarian Cancer.
  • Speak to your GP surgery and pharmacy about displaying ovarian cancer symptoms leaflets and posters.
  • Let us know you’re interested in being an awareness ambassador. We often receive invitations to speak about symptoms at schools, networks and groups, and gratefully rely on our network of volunteers to do this. Don’t worry, we’ll give you plenty of support!
  • Get involved in campaigning with us at a national level.

Get started