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Target Ovarian Cancer’s UK-wide ovarian cancer research programme is running in 2017 and is now closed for new applications. Further information about the grant round can be found below.

Target Ovarian Cancer – Translational Research Awards

- New targeted treatments and optimising existing treatments


To accelerate research that delivers patient benefit. Projects will optimise and develop more effective and less toxic treatments for ovarian cancer, with a special focus on treatments that will improve overall survival. These awards are not designed for basic or early discovery studies.

What we’re looking for

Many important challenges need to be overcome to improve treatments for patients. Some examples are provided below, however Target Ovarian Cancer will consider support for any research of relevance to optimising or developing new treatments.

  • Identify new drug targets within subtypes of ovarian cancer and develop new targeted treatments
  • Understand why tumours develop resistance to therapies, developing strategies to prevent and overcome resistance
  • Develop new immunologic approaches to treating ovarian cancer
  • Understand the effectiveness of existing drugs against different tumour subtypes
  • Understand the effectiveness of specific drug combinations in subtypes
  • Research to predict which patients will benefit from chemotherapy
  • Develop appropriate treatments for older patients
  • Identify prognostic markers that indicate response to treatment
  • Develop robust surgical trials to validate new technologies and optimise treatments

For further information about our priorities, read a summary of our research strategy.


  • Up to £200,000


13 February 2017 -  Call for outline proposals opens
27 March 2017 (12:00)  -  Closing date for submission of outline proposals
8 May 2017 -  Full proposals invited from shortlisted applications
30 Sept 2017 -  Successful applicant(s) informed

Further information

Target Ovarian Cancer does not receive any government funding. This research is only made possible through donations and legacies. If you would like to contribute to these research projects and improve the lives of women with ovarian cancer, please support us.