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We want to increase survival rates, and improve quality of life for women living with ovarian cancer by funding first class research.
Within the last three years Target Ovarian Cancer has committed over £600,000 to vital research to accelerate the discovery of new life extending treatments and improve the quality of life for women with ovarian cancer. We are currently developing our next funding round as we wish to ensure we have the resources in place to fully back truly world class research across the UK. Our aim is to launch the funding round in 2015.

Why apply for a research grant?

One woman dies every two hours from ovarian cancer in the UK, which has amongst the lowest survival rates in Europe. Most of these women are diagnosed with late stage disease, which is challenging and complex to treat. There is an urgent need for progress:

  • There has been no significant improvement in five year survival rates for ovarian cancer in over 20 years. 
  • There is currently no open national funding stream specifically earmarked for ovarian cancer research
  • Supportive and palliative care research is vital to deliver improvements in quality of life to women with ovarian cancer
  • We need more researchers specialising in ovarian cancer to improve the rate of progress

What are we looking for?

Apply for a grant

Our priority is to fund research which can help deliver real improvements for women living with ovarian cancer and develop new treatment options.

We’re interested in funding studies that:

  • translate basic science discoveries into potential new drug opportunities
  • identify which patients may respond best to a particular drug
  • develop a better understanding of why patients stop responding to treatment
  • raise the profile and diversity of supportive and palliative care research

What next?

Target Ovarian Cancer Awards

Translational Project Award

To accelerate research that delivers patient benefit. These awards are not designed for basic or early discovery studies.

What we’re looking for
Translational studies linked to approved clinical trials:

  • Novel tumour classification to aid the development of personalised medicine.
  • Understanding the development of drug resistance.
  • Identification of novel biomarkers (predictive, diagnostic or prognostic) and potential new therapeutic targets.

Preclinical development of new therapeutic targets:

  • Target validation/proof of concept studies.
  • Early stage development of novel therapeutic agents with view to generating a realisable asset to attract commercial interest / further funding upon grant end.


Supportive and Palliative Care Award

To raise the profile of supportive and palliative care research to improve the quality of life for women with ovarian cancer.

What we’re looking for
Projects aimed at the prevention and management of the adverse effects of ovarian cancer and its treatment. This includes management of physical and psychological symptoms and side effects across the continuum of the cancer. Proposals including other pelvic cancers, in addition to ovarian cancer, will also be considered.


Target Ovarian Cancer does not receive any state funding or money from pharmaceutical organisations. This research is only made possible through donations and legacies. If you would like to contribute to these research projects and improve treatments for women with ovarian cancer, please visit our donate page.