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“I want every woman to receive a quick diagnosis like I did, so that it’s not down to luck, and every woman has the same chance.”
Christine, Scottish Highlands.

This March we want you to raise awareness and money to support women with ovarian cancer. We'll send you everything you need to make your event a success.

Your support will save lives

  • £50 could help 200 people to learn about the symptoms by receiving our symptoms leaflet to help with early diagnosis.
  • ​£100 could enable 200 GPs to update their knowledge and best practice for early diagnosis.
  • £500 could pay for two days of medical research into new treatments.

Shout out loud

Get started immediately by sharing the symptoms on social media. Our resources page has infographics and images for you to share with your friends and followers.

Bake Some Noise

Have a blast with your family, friends and neighbours over a cup of tea and slice of homemade cake or create a buzz with a bake sale at
work – you could even try some popping candy cupcakes!

Ask for donations for tasty treats, get competitive with a bake off or why not rustle up a raffle to raise money?


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The Big Colour Clash

The Big Colour ClashShout out with your boldest and brightest clothes on Friday 10 March. Ask your colleagues to donate for taking part and drum up support with a prize for the most outlandish office outfit! You could also use our template letter to ask your local school to join in too.

Share photos on social media using #BigColourClash so that whether you’re at work or home you’ll be raising awareness.


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Noisy Nights

Noise NightsTurn up the volume with a disco, karaoke sing along, choir performance or why not go big with a ball! Raise funds by selling tickets, asking your guests to donate for their favourite song or holding a bucket collection in the interval.

Whatever you choose, make sure you grab the mic and raise awareness!


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Challenge 50

Challenge 50One in 50 women will develop ovarian cancer in their lifetime. We challenge you to save lives by raising awareness with 50 people and raising £50.

Hand out symptoms leaflets while asking for donations for pin badges and wristbands at an awareness stand or at work.


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Raise awareness

An awareness standIf you aren't able to fundraise, we'd still love you to Start Making Noise. Raising awareness is easy, we'll send you posters, leaflets and information. Set so you can spread the word in your community.


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