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Ever been worried about how to cover all your expenses since you have been diagnosed? Have you thought about changing your diet and don’t know quite how? Not sure about what and how much exercise you can do?

We understand that it can sometimes be difficult to get the facts you need, find an alternative view or reach out to relevant experts. And yet this is often key to helping you decide your next steps. We're here to help.

We launched Ask the experts because you told us that you want to know about all sorts of issues that are impacted by a diagnosis of ovarian cancer. We hope it helps you to feel as positive and empowered as possible. We put your questions to top specialists including oncologists, clinical nurse specialists, lawyers, beauty writers and finance gurus. We also consult women that have been through similar experiences and pass on advice they have.

Our next Ask the experts topics will focus on:

New benefit regulations

Are you suffering with financial hardship since your cancer diagnosis? The new Welfare Reform Act 2012 introduced a variety of reforms including a new benefit called Personal Independence Payment. Are you aware about these changes and what impact they may have on you? Our expert will be able to shed a light on all your questions. 

Sexuality and cancer

Let's break the taboo and talk about sex and cancer. Ever been worried about low or virtually non-existing libido since surgery? Scared of pain during sex? Suffering from a dryer vagina? Not sure how to talk about problems with your partner? This edition of our ask the experts gives you the opportunity to ask questions you never dared to ask about sexuality and cancer. Don’t be shy.

We’d love to hear what questions you would like to ask our experts in travel insurance, benefits or sexuality. Please e-mail Karin or call 0207 923 5475 to put your questions forward.

Our latest question deals with travel insurance read more about this and the response our experts Dr K. Shastri (InsureCancer), Eileen Dalrymple-White (MIA Online Ltd.) and Fiona Macrae (Insurancewith) gave here.  

Previous topics we discussed:

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We’ve invited our panel of experts to respond to your question because of their specialist knowledge. Our experts’ suggestions are their own and not endorsed by Target Ovarian Cancer staff. We do, however, strongly recommend that you seek professional advice on your personal circumstances before acting on any advice you receive.