The Target One Million Women campaign

We aim to have one million women aware of the symptoms of ovarian cancer by 2014 and to raise money to support our work.

This has to happen NOW as there is an urgent need to raise awareness. We need you to get involved.

Late diagnosis is a major cause of poor survival in ovarian cancer, with five-year survival at just 36.4%. If diagnosed at the earliest stage, survival chances increase dramatically to 90%. However, currently only 3% of women are very confident at spotting a symptom of ovarian cancer. This has to change.

If a million more women knew the symptoms, then thousands of lives could be saved by early diagnosis.

Want to get involved?

There’s loads of ways to get involved in our campaign. You can watch and share our Target One Million Women film, order symptoms leaflets to hand out, show your support on Facebook or Twitter, speak out about ovarian cancer in your local community, or run an event to help raise funds to support other women. Just click on the links on the right hand side of this page for more information.

We’re thrilled to be backed by our media partners, woman&home and Woman magazines for our campaign.

Our supporters

Sue James, Editor of woman&home and Editorial Director of Woman: “We are delighted that both titles will be supporting Target Ovarian Cancer in its important campaign to raise awareness and save lives. Target Ovarian Cancer is making a real impact in the fight against ovarian cancer, and we know our readers will play a big part in supporting Target One Million Women campaign”

Gaby Roslin, Target Ovarian Cancer Ambassador

Gaby Roslin: "I'm delighted to support the Target One Million Women campaign and I plan to tell as many women about the symptoms of ovarian cancer as possible. Target Ovarian Cancer is doing a fantastic job in working to improve the lives of women diagnosed with ovarian cancer. By supporting this campaign, we can all make a difference."

Sarah Greene: "When you lose your mother to a disease that was diagnosed too late to save her life, you become very determined. Determined that the symptoms become known by EVERYONE, be they mothers, daughters, sisters, friends, husbands, sons, brothers. YOU can save lives by joining the Target One Million Women Campaign. We need to get the information out there. Fast."

Jo Brand: “Linda Smith was a great comedian who died from ovarian cancer. Taking part in a comedy fundraiser for Target Ovarian Cancer was my way of paying tribute to her. The charity needs your help too – take part in its new campaign Target One Million Women to make sure other women have a better chance of surviving.” 

Rory Bremner: “Target Ovarian Cancer is working hard to make sure women with ovarian cancer in the UK get a better deal: a quicker diagnosis, better treatments and support. I did a fundraiser for the charity in memory of Linda Smith and was inspired by their supporters. You can make a difference too by joining in the charity’s new campaign Target One Million Women.” 

Carol Vorderman: “I know from when my Mum had ovarian cancer just how devastating this disease can be and how vital it is that women know the symptoms of ovarian cancer. That’s why I am supporting Target One Million Women and hopefully encourage you to help raise funds and awareness. You may save a life, yours or that of your friend or relative - maybe even YOUR Mum.”

Make sure you and your friends and family all get involved. Together we can make a difference.