Advice and inspiration for living with ovarian cancer

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An ovarian cancer diagnosis has a huge impact and every woman will come to terms with what this means to her in a very personal way. There is no right or wrong.  It will take time to find your 'new normal', and for each person that will be different.


Living with ovarian cancer will have an impact on your feelings, your relationships with others - including family and friends and health professionals, and on how it feels to be you.

We know that women will have different needs and concerns, and these also vary according to how things are progressing. In particular, coming off treatment can be a challenging time as the regular checkups and contact with your health professional team become much more infrequent. Some women are ready to seize life with both hands whilst others will find the transition more complex. 

It is now recognised that people living with cancer may have needs that are not purely about medical treatment in hospital but about many other areas of their lives. A 'cancer survivor' is the term now commonly used to describe anyone living with or beyond cancer and the term 'survivorship' is becoming more commonly used. In line with the new National Cancer Survivorship Initiative, Target Ovarian Cancer is developing the first such programme specifically for women with ovarian cancer. These pages will be updated with details as the materials and events are ready.

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