The benefits of sharing your experience with others

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Your experience is really important in helping change the future


  • If you have taken part in the Target Ovarian Cancer Pathfinder Study, your experiences of living with ovarian cancer will have been tracked over a period of time. All your data is anonymous but has helped us identity where we can help improve survival and quality of life for women diagnosed with ovarian cancer.  It has helped us develop better resources, campaign for change, inform policy makers and track progress over time.  To find out more click here.

  • Letting those around you know of your experience can help raise vital awareness of ovarian cancer and in particular of ovarian cancer symptoms. Whether you just gather a few family or friends, or have ambitions to educate the wider masses in your local area, our symptom awareness guide will give you help and confidence to get started.  Anything you can do will help as more than half of all women cannot name a single symptom associated with ovarian cancer
  • By sharing your story in the media (either locally or nationally), not only can you be very effective at raising awareness of ovarian cancer symptoms on a big scale,  but you can provide inspiration and hope to others battling with this disease.  For some women, just knowing there are others out there facing similar issues is a source of great comfort.  This is important particularly when women don't have access to support groups or the internet. We can guide you through the process so you are reassured along the way. To find out more please visit Telling my story in the media.