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Sep 2013

Before I had a hysterectomy and chemotherapy, I was walking regularly and doing body pump to tone up muscle. Some articles I have read on the internet say only to do light exercise but I want to know if I can increase to moderate and strenuous things like body pump, weights or spin classes? 

Can I increase my exercise to moderate and strenuous things?
Weight training is a great idea but avoid body pump.
Response by Sarah Maxwell

It must be frustrating for you trying to work out what exercise to do now because you were so active before the diagnosis.

For starters, keep walking as much as you can. It's very important to listen to your body and not do too much. Try to walk three times a week, for 30 to 60 minutes. See how you feel after 30 minutes of walking and build up the time gradually.

I would personally avoid body pump because of the group teaching of weights. Using weights in a group format – to music – can cause injuries, and that is a risk you don't need at the moment.

Weight training is a great idea though. Get an instructor at your local gym or leisure centre to create a light weight training program for you to do three times a week. You need to have good teaching to be able to use weights correctly. Get your program revised every six to eight weeks, as you need to vary your program to get results.

You could give spinning a try but take it easy at first and listen to your body.

Swimming is a great all round exercise but, as with everything else, take it easy and see how it goes.