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My parents used to go abroad on holiday before my mum was diagnosed in 2008. Their reason for not going away now is because it’s difficult and expensive to get insurance. Are there any companies who offer insurance at a reasonable price for people who have been diagnosed? 

Do any companies offer insurance at a reasonable price to women with ovarian cancer?
Insuring a holiday should be possible if your mum is fit and well.
Response by Dr K Shastri

Assuming your mum is well, it should be possible to obtain full cover for her diagnosis of ovarian cancer. Premiums will depend on individual circumstances and the destination. 

Go to InsureCancer to see examples of people we’ve helped in the past. I know your mum will find this reassuring. 

Get some quotes.
Response by Eileen Dalrymple-White

There are a few companies that are likely to provide cover. They would all need a little more information though.

Test your toe in the water with a few companies and then call MIA to see what we can do. Pick a country (at random, just to get an idea). Spain is a good one because the medical facilities and treatment is fantastic in the state hospitals there, flight duration not bad and it’s not too costly to be repatriated.

Have her date of birth (and your Dad’s), date of diagnosis, treatments, medications, prognosis (likely outcome of her disease) if she has been given one. Don’t forget anything that your father suffers from as well. Good luck!

No reason why not
Response by Fiona Macrae

If your Mum was diagnosed in 2008, has now finished her treatment and everything is stable, there’s no reason why she would not get travel insurance at a reasonable premium.