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Jul 2014

I had a full hysterectomy, but because the cancers are hormone driven (related to endometriosis) I can’t take HRT. I haven't received any support or advice from my hospital regarding the menopause. I’ve just been left to get on with it. What help is out there if HRT isn’t an option?

I can’t take HRT. What help is out there if HRT isn’t an option?
Endometriosis is different to cancer and therefore the management afterwards will differ too.
Response by Kathy Abernethy

Women who have had treatment for endometriosis can often take HRT at a low dose, if carefully monitored.

An individualised approach is essential, reviewing the stage of any cancer and the severity of any endometriosis.

A specialist menopause clinic will advise whether or not HRT can safely be used.

If HRT is not recommended, then you are looking at trying to alleviate each symptom separately. For example, treating hot flushes (possibly with a low dose antidepressant), treating vaginal dryness (hormonal and non-hormonal), and potentially another treatment for other symptoms. Medical, non-HRT treatments and over the counter products should be discussed and explored.

Most importantly, you need an opportunity to discuss the options open to you, rather than being left to 'get on with it'.

If you cannot take HRT or would prefer not to, there are medical alternatives.