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Apr 2013

I have terminal ovarian cancer with a spread to the omentum. I’m not currently having any treatment, or taking medication. My scans are clear at the moment, and have been ok for the last two years. I would like to go to the USA, or, if that is too expensive, to one of the Canary Islands. Is there any insurance companies that can offer reasonable quotes or should I just get insurance without covering the ovarian cancer?

I have terminal ovarian cancer. Is there any reasonable insurance for me?
I wouldn’t recommend travelling without cover, even within Europe.
Response by Fiona Macrae

I wouldn’t recommend travelling without cover, even within Europe. 

At Insurancewith we would need to ask more medical screening questions and also have a person led screening. Although you have had a terminal diagnosis, everything has been stable for two years, which we will take into account.

We would need to ask you more questions about you and your health generally, but may be able to offer a reasonable quote for America, and we can let you know the prices for the Canary Islands too, so you can compare.