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Mar 2016

I am post menopause and I have just started getting period type pains. I had a transvaginal scan and was diagnosed with three very small (one to two centimeters) fibroids. They weren't able to view my ovaries due to too much 'gas' and I am now worried because I have read fibroids don't happen post menopause and whether there could be something more sinister going on with my ovaries.

Is there a chance that my fibroids are something more?
The fibroids may not be ‘new’, but it is always worth speaking to your GP
Response by Dr Vicki Barber, GP

Thank you for your question and I'm sorry that you're concerned about symptoms. Whilst it's difficult to comment on individual circumstances, it may be that you have had the fibroids for years without knowing about them so they may not be 'new'. They tend to gradually shrink without the influence of oestrogen so they could even have been bigger than that originally. However, ones that small are very unlikely to cause symptoms and so your GP should be investigating the cause of your pain separately as well.  You can ask your GP for a CA125 blood test which can give an indication as to whether other tests should be ordered. I hope this information is a useful starting point, but do get in touch if you have any other questions.