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Oct 2013
When it comes to buying travel insurance, what questions will I need to respond to?
Some insurers use a screening process, rather than underwriting each case individually.
Response by Dr K Shastri

Most insurance companies use an automated ‘tick box’ screening process at the point of application. Aware of the limitations of these systems, insurers often automatically exclude those with metastatic or complex disease.

At InsureCancer we do not use screening, preferring to underwrite every case individually on the basis of the patient’s clinical status.  Our patients therefore have the opportunity to outline their own personal medical history. We ask for information relevant to an individual’s specific circumstances.         

Any questions that are required will be based upon medical history.
Response by Eileen Dalrymple-White

The medical expenses section of the policy can provide cover up to £5 million, £10 million, £20 million and so on, so this area is carefully risk assessed.

Insurers will need to know: where you are going; how old you are; how long you are going for; what your medical conditions are (past and present); what treatment or surgery you have had (with dates); what problems you had during or shortly after treatment; what medication you are on; what symptoms you have; if you have been given a terminal prognosis (the date the diagnosis was given and duration).

Make sure the policy you are purchasing does not exclude terminal prognosis.

Answer any questions honestly
Response by Fiona Macrae

You must always answer any questions honestly and to the best of you knowledge, failure to do this may invalidate you policy.