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Delegate at Being Together in Brighton
Date asked: 
Dec 2017
Why is second surgery not offered when visible and measurable tumours are found on CT?
Response by Guest expert from Being Together Brighton

We do offer second surgery but it’s on well-defined criteria. There was a trial conducted a few years ago called DESKTOP – which showed if a patient recurred with a discreet mass, they had no ascites and their CA125 was less than 500 then the understanding was that it could be possible to clear the disease.

However, ovarian cancer doesn’t tend to come back in this manner. It’s a bit like someone has taken a paintbrush / hundreds of thousands when you go in. The aim of surgery will always be to remove all visible disease which isn’t generally possible when the cancer comes back. The team will look at the CT scan and make a decision as to whether surgery should be given and whether it is right to put the patient through another round of surgery. Often, the way the disease spreads is difficult and if it’s not right then we can’t do it.