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Why Skydive for Target Ovarian Cancer? 

Could you jump 10,000ft from a plane with the noise of the engines in your ears and only the outline of fields visible below? A skydive is one of the most unforgettable and adrenaline filled ways to raise money to support the thousands of women diagnosed with ovarian cancer in the UK.

Awareness of ovarian cancer is low, both among women and GPs, with two thirds of women diagnosed once the cancer has already spread. Enough is enough. It’s time to TAKE OVAR. Take on a skydive today to make sure women are diagnosed at the earliest possible stage. Skydive all over the country with:Skydive


Skyline operate in airfields all over the UK. You can jump at multiple locations across England, as well as in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. The minimum sponsorship is £395 and there is a £70 registration fee.


GoSkydive are based at the Old Sarum Airfield, in Salisbury on the central South Coast. GoSkydive is easily accessible from the South West, the South East and Central England. The minimum sponsorship is £395 and there is a £50 registration fee.

UK Skydiving Adventures 

UK Skydiving adventures have skydives across England, as well as in Swansea, Wales. Minimum sponsorships range drom £440 - £600 and deposits range from £50 - £110, dependent on the airfield.

Skydive Buzz

Skydive Buzz are based at the Dunkeswell Airfield, Devon. The minimum sponsorship if £395 and there is a £50 registration fee. You can also self fund your skydive with prices starting from £149.

UK Parachuting

UK Parachuting are based at the Sibson Airfield, Peterborough. The minimum sponsorship is £315 and there is a £50 registration fee.

If you have any questions, please email us or call 020 7923 5474.