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Do your own The Ovarian Cancer Walk | Run

The Ovarian Cancer Walk|Run 2018 was a massive succes! Even if you couldn't make it to our London or Edinburgh events, you can be part of making it even bigger and better, wherever you are!

Choose your own locationSign up Do your own Walk

We'll provide everything you need to do your own The Ovarian Cancer Walk | Run and TAKE OVAR the location of your choice. You'll get exactly the same support, t-shirt, medal and certificate as those taking part in our organised events, and you'll be able to see how your team mates across the country are doing and share tips on our Strava community, as well as appearing on our fundraising leaderboard.

Whether you'll be taking part on your own or with friends and family, we'd love for you to join us for a 5k or 10k walk or run this October!

Our fundraising leaderboard

Take a look at our top 10 fundraisers and use our tool below to search for others taking steps to beat ovarian cancer.

Getting started

  • Plan your route! You could use a tool such as MapMyRun to get you started, or even check out your local parkrun to complete your challenge.
  • Register with us!
  • Get your friends together.
  • Track your walk or run using a fitness tracker; we would love you to do this on Strava and join our community there - we'll confirm how to do this when you register.

There is no registration fee, and we suggest a fundraising target of £100 per adult.

You can choose to make a £7.50 donation to cover the cost of your t-shirt and medal, and you’ll have the option to upgrade to a Target Ovarian Cancer running vest for a £7 fee.

Join us today to help improve the lives of the more than 25,000 women in the UK who are living with ovarian cancer.