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A tribute page is a long-lasting online memorial and a special way to remember and celebrate your loved one’s life. Your tribute page is also a way for family and friends to donate online in their memory. Every penny your page raises will help transform the future for women with ovarian cancer.

Rachael's story

"I think if mum could see our fundraising efforts she’d be so happy and proud. She was my biggest supporter and still is my biggest inspiration."

  • Share photos, thoughts, memories and mark meaningful dates such as the birthday of your loved one
  • Share the details of the funeral or remembrance service
  • Set up fundraising events in memory or link to existing JustGiving pages. This means everything you raise in memory of your loved one can be seen in one place
  • Light virtual candles for all occasions
  • Customise your page to reflect your loved one 

Your page is a simple and positive way to create a lasting memory of your loved one while also helping to transform the future for the 7,300 women diagnosed with ovarian cancer in the UK each year.

If you think a tribute may have already been set up, you can find it using the search box below.

You can also view tributes in our Tribute Garden.

Set up a tribute page for a loved one


Need some help? You can download our tribute page guide or get in touch with our fundraising team directly on 020 7923 5474 or fundraising@targetovariancancer.org.uk.

Other ways to remember your loved one: