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Target 1000

This amazing group of people have achieved something extraordinary. They have each raised at least £1,000 to fund our work.

Because of this fantastic support we have been able to train more GPs to update their knowledge of ovarian cancer and best practice for early diagnosis; fund more medical research into finding new treatments and enable more women to receive support through our unique events and publications.

Alexandra Smith
Alison Greaves
Amy Cartlidge
Andy Timpson
Angela Donoghue
Ben Flack
Ben Ireland
Ben Taylor
Ceri Sass and Bethan Roberts
Charlie Parker
Charlotte Cocking
Claire Pavey
Claire Taylor
Corrie Fenner
Darren Graham, Darren Harvey, Ben Flack and Matt Wedge
David Bogle
Deirdre Richards
Donna Wan
East Renfrewshire Golf Club
Elizabeth Robbins
Emily Barry
Emma Briers
Gary Batson
Gina Pickess
Helen Johnson
Helme Harrison
Ian Wells
In memory of Joy Davis
In memory of Sue Bell
Jamie Drummond
Jane Alexander
Jane Proctor
Joanna Berry
Joanna, Andrew, Meg and Isabel Chalmers
Joe Skinner
Jon Sibson
June Barrell
Karin Podschun
Kate Sheppard
Kerry Tallis
Liz McGill
Liz Sharpe
Lizzie Timpson
Lois Ingall
Lorraine Sharman and Lee Maddox
Louisa Collins
Louise Rushworth
Lucy Johnstone
Marjorie Conroy
Marjory Campbell
Mark Heffron
Mary Chamberlin
Maxine Glover
Mike and Helen Holt
Miles and Charlie Parker
Natalie Argyle
Northallerton Amateur Variety Company
Old Mutual
Penny Snow
Peter Morris
Raf Bauer
Rhys Dang
Richie Kester
Ros Gaskins
Ross Kester
Sandra & Mick Lanaghan
Sarah Greene
Sarah Ruskin
Simon Newman
Sophie Lukaszewski
Susie Jenkins
Tammy Sadrudin
Tewkesbury School
The Helen Stewart Tribute Fund
The Letchworth Tortoise half marathon team
The Letitia Featherstone Tribute Fund
Tracey Ford
Victoria Bennett