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Target 1000

This amazing group of people have achieved something extraordinary. They have each raised at least £1,000 to fund our work.

Because of this fantastic support we have been able to train more GPs to update their knowledge of ovarian cancer and best practice for early diagnosis; fund more medical research into finding new treatments and enable more women to receive support through our unique events and publications.

Abi Hann
Adam Lockett
Alison and Lisa Williams
Amanda Cawthorn
Andrea Hunt
Angie Taylor
Ann Wells
Anna Birt
Annie Mulholland
Ben Brough
Ben Flack
Ben, Jeremy and Matt Ireland and friends
Carol Sims
Carol Stefanicki
Charlotte Parker
Chris Kelham
Christine Lynch
Claire Burns and Sharon Morgans
Claire Halligan and Stuart Berry
Clare Pollard
Connor Crespin
Danielle Edwards, Hannah Gledhill and Victoria Burrow
Darren Cohen
Deanne Bloomfield
Deborah Myerson
Dianne McDougall
Doug Howlett
Dyana Rush
Ed McGee
Edith and Rachel Smith
Emma & Tony Smith
Fiona Alexander
Fran Owen
Friends of Pauline Elizabeth Gibbs
Genesia Kalsi
Gillian Cuthbert
Gillian Walker
Gloria Gottschalk
Graham Harper
Hannah Stewart
Hilary Cattell
Ian Baines
Ianthe Mcleod
Janice Lowry
Jason Sneezum
Jenny Hyett, Hayley Page and friends
Jeremy and Christine Stoneham
Jeremy Croucher
Jill Summers
Jo Morby
Joanna Strathdee
Joe Sharkey
Joe Skinner
John Kington
John Williams
Jonathan Drummond
Joseph Clarke
Joseph Harvey
Judith Willis and Mandy Busby
Julianne Wright
Kamila Zahno
Karen Smith
Karl Howkins
Kate Perryman
Kate Webb
Katherine Jackson
Kathryn Cheshire
Katie Atkinson
Kerry Tallis
Kirsty Booth
Laura Gardener
Lisa Ashley 
Lisa Harrop
Liz Creak
Lorraine Ansell
Lorraine Sharman
Lucy Brady
Lucy Edgington
Maggie Carpenter
Margaret Cullum
Margaret Lucking
Martin Lewis
Martin Thomas
Mary Dudfield
Matt Cliffe
Melinda Hudson
Michael Fellows
Miranda Fagandini
Moira Duffy
Monika Ferraioli
MRC CTU Gynae Team & Friends
Nathan Wootton
Neil Westoby
Niall Carson
Owen Jandrell
Pam Young
Paul Monteath
Penny Snow
Phil Sharpe
Rachel Howard and Rob McNutt
Rebecca Golding and Janet Golding
Richard Curtis
Rosalind Whistance
Sarah Boyle
Sarah Hook
Sarah Thornber
Sophie Jenkins
Stacey Manson
Steve Russell
Steven Stewart
Susan Handley
Timothy Wagner
Tina Panners
Tony Smith
Tom Williams and John Anderson
Una Crudden
Ursula Martin