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Whether you hold a coffee morning at home or get the whole office involved, your money will be improving the lives of women with ovarian cancer.

How your money could help women with ovarian cancer

Ann came to one of our Being Together days

"It was lovely to be able to chat to other women, and I made lots of new friends"

£14 could enable 2 GPs to update their knowledge of ovarian cancer and best practice for early diagnosis

£34 could pay for one hour of medical research into new treatments

£50 could help 50 people to learn about the symptoms of ovarian cancer by receiving our symptoms leaflet

£100 could provide 60 women diagnosed with ovarian cancer with a printed copy of one our Information Standard accredited publications, offering expert advice, practical information and emotional support.

Last year we spent 65p of every pound raised to support women with a diagnosis, improve early diagnosis and research new and improved treatments.

How we spent our money 2015 - 2016

How you can raise money

There are lots of ways to fundraise to help women with ovarian cancer