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Allied health professionals from clinicians to pharmacists, play an essential role in the diagnosis and treatment of women with ovarian cancer. 

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Our resources

Free information guides for women with ovarian cancer

genetic testing and hereditary ovarian cancer guideOur guides are an invaluable tool for supporting women at all stages of ovarian cancer. You can use our order form to order printed copies of the guides. All guides are Information Standard compliant.

Symptom awareness materials Symptoms leaflet

Nearly two thirds of women in England are diagnosed once the cancer has already spread, making it harder to treat. Pharmacists and health centres often see women when they are first experiencing symptoms, and play a vital role in encouraging women to take their symptoms seriously and to see their GP.

You can help raise awareness by ordering our free posters and leaflets to display in your local workplace. 

Useful resources for allied health profesionals 


Catherine in BirminghamClinical trials

Research shows that participation in a clinical trial improves long-term survival, yet only seven per cent of women diagnosed with ovarian cancer enter a clinical trial each year. We believe that all women diagnosed with ovarian cancer should be informed about clinical trials. Find out more through our the Ovarian Cancer Clinical Trials Information Centre. 


Raise awareness or fundraise for us

You can support us by organising a coffee morning, challenging your colleagues to take part in an event, choosing us as your Charity of the Year or many other ways! 

For more information about getting involved with Target Ovarian Cancer call on 020 7923 5470 or email us info@targetovariancancer.org.uk