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Information for GPs

Target Ovarian Cancer works closely with GPs to support them in diagnosing women early, and in giving the best support to the women they work with. Find information on guidelines, training tools and resources to support you and your patients with ovarian cancer.

The UK has amongst the lowest survival rates in Europe for ovarian cancer, with a five year survival rate of just 46 per cent. If diagnosed at the earliest stages, up to 90 per cent of women would survive five years or more. Sadly, nearly two thirds of women in England are diagnosed with ovarian cancer once it has already spread. The role of GPs in diagnosing ovarian cancer early is crucial, but diagnosis is not always easy.

Evidence now shows that most women are symptomatic, regardless of the stage at which they are diagnosed. Target Ovarian Cancer offers a range of resources to support you and your patients, including information on diagnosis, treatment, training, family history, other resources and our GP Advisory Board.

the Target OVarian Cancer Symptoms Diary App

Symptoms Diary app

A bloated tummy, needing to wee more, tummy pain, and always feeling full could all be symptoms of ovarian cancer.

Our free Symptoms Diary app is an easy way to record your symptoms and communicate more effectively with your GP