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Information for primary care

Target Ovarian Cancer supports primary care professionals to diagnose women with ovarian cancer at the earliest possible point, and give the best support to the women they work with. In this section you will find information on elearning modules which will update your knowledge, resources to support you and your patients, and details about our nurse-led support line.

90 per cent of women diagnosed with stage I ovarian cancer will survive five years or more. Primary care has a pivotal role in ensuring women are put on the right path for diagnosis as soon as possible, but diagnosis is not always easy.

Clinical guidance published by NICE (England and Wales) and SIGN (Scotland) is clear that women with ovarian cancer present to primary care with symptoms, regardless of the stage at which they are diagnosed. These guidelines provide primary care professionals with a framework for managing symptomatic women and underpin all of the information in our elearning modules and resources.

A bloated tummy, needing to wee more, tummy pain, and always feeling full could all be symptoms of ovarian cancer. 

Our free eLearning module developed in partnership with RCGP will update your knowledge of ovarian cancer symptoms presentation and clinical guidance from NICE and SIGN.