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Nurses play a key role during the diagnosis and treatment stages experienced by women with ovarian cancer. There are a number of ways Target Ovarian Cancer can support you in your work: 

The CNS hub

Our CNS hub is a password protected online area dedicated to Clinical Nurse Specialists working with women who have ovarian cancer.

The hub offers access to our guide on delivering the ovarian cancer care standard as well as quarterly articles relevent to your clinical area.

Order free guides for women with ovarian cancer

Many CNSs find our guides an invaluable tool for supporting women at all stages of ovarian cancer. You can use our order form to order printed copies of the guides, to give to the women you support. 

Practice nurses may also be interested in ordering symptoms awareness materials

Find out about our free support events for women with ovarian cancer

We offer free events and courses across the UK to support women with ovarian cancer, which may be useful for you to refer women to.

  • Being Together: These positive, informal events give women the opportunity to meet others with ovarian cancer and ask questions from a multidisciplinary panel of professionals. 
  • Supporting You: These helpful and practical events focus on common issues faced by women with ovarian cancer and offer presentations and workshops on issues such as body image, self-esteem, sexuality and relationships, early menopause and HRT and coping with anxiety. 

Interested in helping us run an event in your area? Contact the team now. 

Other useful links 

  • NFGON: TheNurse talking to woman National Forum of Gynaecological Oncology Nurses is available to all nurses and health professionals with any level of interest or expertise in gynaecological oncology.
  • NCIN gynaecological cancer hub: Provides data and intelligence on the gynaecological cancers in England.The Hub is aimed at a wide range of professionals working in the field, including NHS providers, commissioners, Strategic Clinical Networks, charities, gynaecologists, nurse specialists and other clinicians.
  • British Gynaecological Cancer Society: The BGCS is a society of professionals dedicated to improving the care provided to patients with gynaecological cancers. Members include medical practitioners, clinical nurse specialists and other allied professionals, including scientists who have an interest in gynaecological cancers.
  • Clinical guidance and policy information: Key documents, including commissioning policies and guidance, that provide the latest information on best practice in diagnosing and treating ovarian cancer.