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Clinicians play an essential role in the treatment of women with ovarian cancer, including referring women to appropriate clinical trials. Use this section to access useful links and resources on ovarian cancer for you and your patients.

Our resources

Clinical trials

  • Rona

    Rona's story

    "I would absolutely recommend women to take part in trials if they feel it is right for them. Certainly I was very keen to take part in it because I want to try and increase the different drugs that are available for use with ovarian cancer."

    Find clinical trials for your patients, and keep up to date with research news through our dedicated Clinical Trials Information Centre. Please notify us of new trials by contacting info@targetovariancancer.org.uk

  • Research shows that participation in a clinical trial improves long-term survival, yet only seven per cent of women diagnosed with ovarian cancer enter a clinical trial each year. We believe that all women diagnosed with ovarian cancer should be informed about clinical trials. Find out more in our clinical trials manifesto.

Free guides for women with ovarian cancer

Our guides are an invaluable tool for supporting women at all stages of ovarian cancer. You can use our order form to order printed copies of the guides, to give to the women you work with. All guides are information standard compliant.

Family history and ovarian cancer

  • A known gene mutation can impact a woman’s likelihood of responding to specific drugs and treatments. Learn more about familial ovarian cancer.
  • Our position statement on family history  provides all health professionals and policy makers with detailed information on the challenges facing women with a family history of ovarian and/or breast cancer.

Resources for clinicians

Target Ovarian Cancer Pathfinder Study

Read about our ground breaking Pathfinder study, the most comprehensive of its kind, which tracks the experiences of those living or working with ovarian cancer in the UK, including clinicians.

Other resources

Our guides