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Women asking questions at the conference

Target Ovarian Cancer's flagship Ask the Experts Conferences bring together leading clinicians from across the UK and women who have had a diagnosis of ovarian cancer, their family and friends. The events provide the opportunity to hear about the latest research and developments in ovarian cancer, and for those affected by ovarian cancer to have their questions answered by renowned clinicians, doctors, surgeons and researchers.

You can watch videos of the presentations from the past two events, or listen to the podcasts from the first ever Ask the Experts. The videos and podcasts will all open on this page, so please use your browser's 'Back' button to return to this list. 

These presentations include frank discussions of surgery, treatment and outcomes. If you have any questions or concerns, please do get in touch with our Support Line on 020 7923 5475


September 2018 - Reading

Professor Richard Edmondson

Professor Richard Edmondson - Advances in surgery (19m 23s)

Professor Richard Edmondson discusses all aspects of ovarian cancer surgery, including clinical trials, the surgery process and the differences between radical and extensive surgery.



Dr Yvette DrewDr Yvette Drew - PARP inhibitors and immunotherapy (31m 12s) 

Dr Yvette Drew discusses PARP inhibitors and immunotherapy in ovarian cancer treatment, covering how they work, as well as recent developments with niraparib and other PARP inhibitors in the pipeline.



Annwen-Jones-Chief-executive-Target-Ovarian-Cancer-smallAnnwen Jones - Ovarian cancer research: now and in the future (18m 29s)

Annwen Jones, Chief Executive of Target Ovarian Cancer, discusses the charity's research strategy, the role of research advocates and increasing access to clinical trials.



Dr Shibani Nicum

Dr Shibani Nicum - Key trials open for subtypes of ovarian cancer (25m 48s)

​Dr Shibani Nicum provides an overview of the clinical trials process, including information on how to access them, current ovarian cancer clinical trials and what future research is in the pipeline.



Panel discussion - What is the single most important piece of research needed to improve the outlook for women with ovarian cancer in the future? (26m 17s)


LizDr Liz Moore - Research into biomarkers for an accurate and timely diagnosis (13m 44s)​

Dr Liz Moore discusses ways to acheive a timely diagnosis, covering symptoms awareness, diagnostic pathways and early detection biomarker research.



Mr Adam RosenthalMr Adam Rosenthal - Screening and genetics (27m 03s)​

Mr Adam Rosenthal discusses all aspects of screening and genetics, including the significance of family history, ways to reduce ovarian cancer risk and forthcoming research regarding genetics and screening.



June 2016 - Birmingham

The presentations from our second Ask the Experts conference are available as videos on our YouTube page, and are individually linked below.


Mr Adam Rosenthal - Familial risk of ovarian cancer: what have we learnt so far? (16m 43s)

Mr Adam Rosenthal discusses familial risk of ovarian cancer, covering proper risk assessment, methods to reduce risk, and alternatives to risk-reducing surgery.


Mrs Sudha Sundar - Accurate and timely diagnosis of ovarian cancer (19m 05s)

Mrs Sudha Sundar discusses the challenges with the current diagnostic pathway for ovarian cancer, how we can improve this and clinical trials working to assist timely diagnosis.​



Mr Janos Balega - Advances in surgery for ovarian cancer (18m 57s)

Mr Janos Balega discusses the importance of quality surgery, the different types of surgery and ways that more extensive surgery can be carried out safely.


Dr Andrew Clamp - Advances in targeted treatment for ovarian cancer (28m 06s)

Dr Andrew Clamp discusses targeted treatments for ovarian cancer and their benefits and drawbacks, including PARP inhibitors and immunotherapy.​



Justin Champagne - The role of a research advocate (8m 47s)

Justin Champagne gives an overview of the role of a research advocate and how this contributes to shaping the latest research agenda


Rebecca Rennison - Shaping public policy: 'Pathfinder' research and campaigning (13m 56s)


Professor Henry Kitchener - Target Ovarian Cancer research (8m 47s)


June 2014 - Manchester

The presentations from the first Ask the Experts Conference are available as podcasts, individually linked below.

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