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Audrey was diagnosed after experiencing abdominal pain
When Audrey went along to her first Being Together day, she was terrified. She had no idea what to expect. Would the event be sad? Depressing? Would everyone there be sick? Instead she made a new friend and says the whole experience filled her with hope… When I was examined by my GP and told my...
Julie discovered a family link to cancer
When Julie went to her doctor complaining of sickness and bloating, she had no way of knowing that her symptoms might be linked to her sister’s breast cancer diagnosis. Here she talks about family history, and why – when it comes to getting answers – sometimes the small details can end up being the...
Glynis thanks her GP for testing for ovarian cancer quickly
When Glynis went to her GP complaining of bloating he quickly sent her for a CA125 blood test. She had no idea his quick thinking would end up saving her life… I lost my husband three years ago to cancer. When he was sick he looked so ill, so when I got ill and looked so well, I couldn’t believe I...
Allison wants young people to be taken seriously about health concerns
Diagnosed with ovarian cancer at 25, Allison struggled to come to terms with the delays she faced in diagnosis. She opens up about her experiences and explains why cancer has given her the confidence to face the unknown… One thing I’ve learnt from my own experience is that you need to trust your...