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Liz knows first-hand the importance of paying attention to your body
Like many women diagnosed with ovarian cancer, Liz’s story began with the feeling that something just ‘wasn’t quite right’. Here she talks about the importance of paying attention to your body, how she coped with the bad days and why she couldn’t have done any of it without the love and support of...
Carolyn faced an ovarian cancer diagnosis after breast cancer treatment
Carolyn faced ovarian cancer after breast cancer treatment
After finishing treatment for breast cancer, Carolyn could have been forgiven for thinking the hard part was over. But when she began experiencing tummy swelling, she was soon dealing with the shock of an ovarian cancer diagnosis. Here she talks about her experience, and why she believes it’s the...
Dee is one of the faces of our TAKE OVAR campaign
Dee talks about the need for new treatments for our TAKE OVAR campaign
When Dee was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, she was fortunate enough to be able to access Avastin, one of the handful of newer treatments available. Here she talks about research, the need for new therapies and the importance of hope… New treatments are so important; they give you that extra hope,...
Jennifer wishes she'd known what support was available earlier
Hindsight is perfect – just ask Jennifer. She knows better than anyone how easy it can be to explain away the warning signs of ovarian cancer... My son is a consultant gynae-oncologist specialising in ovarian cancer and yet I still didn’t know I had it! When you get to 68 years old, it’s easy to...