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Jennie has been diagnosed with incurable cancer
After being told her cancer had recurred and was now classed as incurable, Jennie might have been forgiven for falling to pieces. Instead, with the help of Target Ovarian Cancer’s On Target newsletter – along with her own determination and positivity – Jennie decided to believe in the future and...
Jessica was determined to find out what was causing her symptoms
What happens when one family has to cope with multiple cancer diagnoses? When Jessica began to experience persistent abdominal bloating, she couldn’t help but worry. As the mother of a teenager diagnosed with leukaemia, she knew first-hand the importance of paying attention to your body. So when...
I try to live a normal life – just at a slightly slower pace.
When Julia was diagnosed with primary peritoneal cancer in early 2013, she couldn’t help feeling like it was some kind of surreal joke. She's sharing her story for Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month, as she reflects on the last few years, she talks about living with cancer and why everybody deserves a...
Jean and Peter
Peter's wife Jean died from ovarian cancer in 2016
Peter’s wife, Jean, was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and died in December 2016. Peter tells their difficult story from her diagnosis to her last days. He talks about how he has coped with his grief and why he is so committed to raising awareness of the symptoms of ovarian cancer. Jean and I were...