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Support on the go

When you or someone you care about is diagnosed with ovarian cancer, it can be difficult to take in all of the information you're given. Sometimes you might not have the time or energy to read a booklet or guide, or you might want to pick and choose areas to learn about and save others for later, when you feel ready.

That's why we've created these podcasts that you can listen to or download, for support on the go. 

Each audio recording focuses on one different topic and all of them are short, to cover the basics without being overwhelming. We've also provided a transcript of some of the recordings so that you can be clear about what has been said, or read ahead if you're unsure about what might be discussed. To find out more and to listen to the recordings, please choose a topic below:

If you want to talk about anything that you've heard, or if you have specific questions that are not covered in the recordings, please get in touch with our nurse-led Support Line for confidential information, support and signposting.

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