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Lisa struggled to accept her new 'normal' after diagnosis
Life after an ovarian cancer diagnosis can sometimes look drastically different to the one you had before. When Lisa was diagnosed with stage III ovarian cancer, she initially struggled to accept her new normal. Now, three years on, she talks about self-worth, the power of acceptance and why her...
Me, Bob, and my ovarian cancer diagnosis
When Hazel’s dog Bob jumped on her tummy, it made her think twice about the discomfort she’d been experiencing for a few weeks. Hazel was a primary school teacher and had put her bloating and tiredness down to a hectic lifestyle. Here she talks about the joy of living, and why she believes her dog...
Maria and her mum
Maria is keen to help raise awareness of the disease and its symptoms
When her mum started complaining of stomach pain and heartburn, Maria assumed it was just a bug – after all, the symptoms sounded pretty harmless and her mum was almost never unwell. Here Maria talks about her mum’s shock ovarian cancer diagnosis, and why even the most harmless of symptoms can...
Sally's diagnosis came after feeling a lump in her pelvis
The symptoms of ovarian cancer can be obvious or they can be subtle. For Sally, the only sign that anything was wrong was the fact that she needed to wee more often… I could tell by the look on the GP’s face that the lump I had felt in my pelvis wasn’t a good thing. She arranged an immediate CA125...