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Sinead was diagnosed when she was just 21 years old
Ovarian cancer can affect women of all ages – just ask Sinead. Diagnosed at 21 years old, she talks about raising awareness, the difficulty in finding someone her own age to talk to, and her hopes of starting a family one day… I had just turned 21 when I was diagnosed. At the time everyone thought...
Ann-Marie learnt to trust her body over everything
Not everyone has the textbook symptoms of ovarian cancer…just ask Ann-Marie. Here she talks about her unusual route to diagnosis, the fear of the unknown and why, when it comes to ovarian cancer, knowing your body is just as important as knowing the symptoms. Coming to terms with my diagnosis was...
Sarah hadn't heard of ovarian cancer when she was diagnosed at 25
At 25, Sarah had never heard of ovarian cancer or its symptoms. Here she talks about the shock of her diagnosis, the struggle of infertility, and why having cancer means she’ll never say no to another opportunity… I still don’t see myself as a ‘cancer patient’. The whole idea is difficult to get my...
Allison wants young people to be taken seriously about health concerns
Diagnosed with ovarian cancer at 25, Allison struggled to come to terms with the delays she faced in diagnosis. She opens up about her experiences and explains why cancer has given her the confidence to face the unknown… One thing I’ve learnt from my own experience is that you need to trust your...