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Thursday 5 July 2012
Earlier this week I made the trip up to Birmingham for a photo shoot with three amazing young women. Angela and Shelley who are in their early 30s met through the hospital where they are both being treated for ovarian cancer and have become good friends. Charlotte - who turns 21 this weekend and is...
Friday 22 June 2012
Please be gentle with me as I am very new to blogging! I’d like to thank Target Ovarian Cancer for giving me this opportunity and say what a pleasure it is to be helping such a fantastic charity that has really supported me over the last few years. I hope over the coming weeks and months you enjoy...
Wednesday 20 June 2012
At last! The day of our parliamentary reception, and we’re all looking forward to welcoming so many people from around the UK, some very familiar faces, and quite a few who are new. As I came into London this morning on the train, it was looking stunning. Blue skies, not too hot, and everyone...
parliamentary reception 2011
Thursday 14 June 2012
At this point in time I can’t quite believe that the end is in sight. This time next week, we’ll all be breathing a huge sigh of relief (at least I hope we will be!) after our parliamentary reception. This is our fourth such reception, each one larger than the last. This year we are fairly sure the...