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Posted by Target Ovarian Cancer on Monday 2 November 2009

It happened! Brave rock musician, Matthew Connell had all his long black hair cut off on Saturday and will sport his new bright pink flamingo Mohawk in a bid to help raise awareness of ovarian cancer. Matthew Connell, aged 25, is the Manchester nephew of mother of five, Eilish Colclough who has inspired a 100km fundraising trek across the Sahara because of her determination to fight ovarian cancer.

Her brave nephew is one of just two men taking part in the Love Eilish Challenge from 6-11 November and he is raising funds directly for Target Ovarian Cancer. Matthew signed up for the 100 km 5 day trek because he is so moved by what has happened to Eilish, from Buxton, who is just 42 years old.

"I think it will be an incredible journey knowing that we could be making a big difference in the fight against such a terrible disease," said Matthew. "Eilish is an incredible person. I'd like to do everything in my power to help. She has so much love for her family and for life. In the face of this disease she has just carried on, where many other people might have just given up. She's an inspiration to us all."

Before the 25-year-old musician and internet entrepreneur embarks on his ambitious adventure next week, Peter Marcus, a hairdresser in Manchester, is booked for the hair-cutting ritual: "I'm a rock guitarist - so it's not surprising really that I've got long hair, said Matthew. If I can get more publicity for the symptoms of this disease by looking silly for a while - well - no contest!"

Matthew, who has recorded two albums as a guitarist, has been busy lately setting up a web design business. He is fighting fit after a tough training schedule in recent weeks. "I started back at the gym and have been trying to get at least 15km worth of running and 15km of walking in a week. I just hope my basic level of fitness will keep me going."

"Matthew is a star and he is very brave to go Mohican for us! We are thrilled by the dedication of Eilish's family and friends to spreading the word about symptoms of ovarian cancer to help other women" said Jerry Doyle, Director of Communications at Target Ovarian Cancer. "Change is long over-due and ovarian cancer needs to become a priority."

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