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Posted by Target Ovarian Cancer on Monday 1 February 2016

Target Ovarian Cancer is very proud to present its second flagship 'Ask the Experts' event: 'Science, theory and advances in ovarian cancer'. On 14 June 2016, in Birmingham, we will bring together eminent experts for presentations and Q&As on the cutting edge of ovarian cancer news and research. This free information event is open to all women with ovarian cancer, their families and their friends.

Leading figures including oncologists, clinical nurse specialists, GPs, researchers and more will give presentations on a range of topics including:

  • screening, risk and earlier diagnosis
  • treatment and research
  • living well with ovarian cancer

Attendees will then have the opportunity to put their questions to leading local clinicians and our panel of experts.

At the Being Together support events we organise across the UK, a local panel of experts answer questions from attendees, covering a huge variety of subjects, but this standalone expert event gives women more in depth information and more time to ask questions.

Annie Mulholland, who was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2011 and attended our previous Ask the Experts event, said: “Each one of the talks was extremely interesting and I was struck by the humility of such eminent professors who were able to explain very complex medical and biochemical processes in simple terms that even I could follow. I learned some really interesting facts that filled missing pieces in the jigsaw of my understanding of this complex disease.”

After the previous event, we produced a series of podcasts from the day covering ovarian cancer screening, emerging treatments, developments in surgery, our funded research and the role of the clinical nurse specialist (CNS) in supporting women with ovarian cancer. Listen to these podcasts on our website to get an idea of the information and insight you can expect to hear at 'Ask the Experts' this June.

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