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Posted by Target Ovarian Cancer on Sunday 11 January 2009

A new study suggests that obesity raises the risk of developing ovarian cancer by up to 80 per cent. There has been much coverage in the media over this story, which highlights the rising rates of obesity in the UK, and the potential impact on future health.

Target Ovarian Cancer Chief Executive Annwen Jones welcomed the study as: "It offers insight into the way that hormones are produced when a post menopausal woman is obese, and how this might then impact on their risk of developing this devastating disease. It is the first study to show such a strong link, and involved a large number of women in the United States."

However Target Ovarian Cancer says as yet, the reasons are not fully understood and the impact still not totally clear in the UK. Whist soaring obesity rates are reflected in the rising rates of endometrial cancer, ovarian cancer rates have fallen within the last decade. However that may well be due to the long term protective effects of the oral contraceptive pill. It will be important to verify these links, and highlights the need for much greater understanding of the disease.

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