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Posted by Louisa Williams on Wednesday 28 March 2018

 Sarah and Andrea are both Dispensers and Healthy Living Champions for Lloyds Pharmacy within Sainsbury’s. As a Healthy Living Pharmacy, they do a few campaigns a year to help raise awareness of various health issues. As the Healthy Living Champions, Sarah and Andrea get to choose the causes they want to support. They held an awareness stand in their pharmacy waiting area this March for Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month.

We chose to get involved with Target Ovarian Cancer as we are both women and one of us has polycystic ovary syndrome, meaning we have looked into the different risk factors for ovarian cancer. The majority of our colleagues and a lot of our patients are also women so it is a cause close to our heart and one we feel needs to be talked about more.

Furthermore, the symptoms of ovarian cancer, such as bloating or feeling full quicker, are often overlooked or misdiagnosed as conditions such as IBS. This reinforces the importance of raising awareness among women, the general population and among health professionals so that the early signs can be better identified.

It was our first time raising awareness for this cause but ordering the materials was very easy! Andrea called up Target Ovarian Cancer and spoke to some lovely people. We were sent a selection of materials to create our awareness display. We got sent some symptoms leaflets, Support Line cards, symptoms posters and balloons that all arrived within the week.

We got permission from both our manager and regional manager who were both more than happy for us to be involved with Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month.

When decorating the stand we tried to use similar colours to the pink, purple and teal used in the materials we were displaying to draw people’s attention. We put the stand in the waiting area of our pharmacy to try to reach as many people as possible. We found this was a good place as while people were waiting for prescriptions or taking a break from shopping they would pick up and read the leaflets.

The main advice we would give would be to get involved in any way you can! Anything from raising a bit of money to holding an awareness stand can make a massive amount of difference.

ALL awareness helps.

We would like to thank the lovely Danielle and Louisa for all their help and making it so easy to raise awareness for such an amazing cause.


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