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Posted by Target Ovarian Cancer on Tuesday 26 January 2016

Target Ovarian Cancer is relaunching its flagship web resource for gynaecological cancer Clinical Nurse Specialists: the CNS Hub. The first of its kind, the hub is an information portal designed specifically for CNSs with the aim of making it easier for them to support women with ovarian cancer.

Nurses who access the gynaecological cancer CNS Hub will be able to:

  • Catch up on latest news, tools, policy information and resources available to them.
  • Continue their professional development and learn from Target Ovarian Cancer’s research
  • Access our ‘Topic of the quarter’, which covers important ovarian cancer information, with ‘rare tumours’ and ‘Holistic Needs Assessments’ already available.
  • Read best practice case studies, an enewsletter and additional resources, with links to our ovarian cancer guides and upcoming events.

The first CNS Hub was launched in 2013 to supplement gaps in resources uncovered in a six-month consultation by former gynaecological cancer Clinical Nurse Specialist, Annette Martyn. Consulting with 89 gynaecological cancer CNSs across England and Wales, from 40 cancer centres and 26 diagnostic units, Annette found that time-poor nurses need a one-stop shop which allows them to keep up to date on new models of practice and gives them easy access to national policy documents.

The need for the Hub is backed up by Target Ovarian Cancer’s Pathfinder Study. The research found that while 77 per cent of CNSs think that providing information to patients would help to improve care for women with ovarian cancer, just 22 per cent of nurses said that they have time to stay up-to-date on the latest treatments.

Recent analysis by Target Ovarian Cancer also emphasises the importance of the CNS role. Public Health England research showed that two in five women with ovarian cancer reported that they either did not have a named nurse they could contact with worries about their cancer care (33 per cent) or did not know if they had one (6 per cent).

Target Ovarian Cancer will be encouraging as many of the 230 UK based gynaecological cancer CNSs as possible to join the Hub, to enable them to share their experiences with each other and access in depth, useful information to help them in their vital roles.

Are you a gynaecological cancer Clinical Nurse Specialist? Register on the CNS Hub today.