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Posted by Matej on Friday 11 August 2017

Stockings direct supported us for World Ovarian Cancer Day. They share why supporting women with ovarian cancer is so important and how easy it was for their organisation to get involved. 

Stockings DriectWe think that every company has a responsibility to give back to the community in some way. As a brand focusing on legwear, we have a huge amount of female customers. Cancer in any form is horrible, but ovarian cancer is something we feel very strongly about. We knew that World Ovarian Cancer Day was coming up and Target Ovarian Cancer was an easy choice, as they are really active and focus on key issues such as early diagnosis and providing support to women, which makes so much difference.

We decided to raise money by giving our online customers the option of adding a donation upon checkout, and they could choose an amount ranging from 50p to £5. Stockings Direct were going to contribute 50p for every £1 donated by our customers, but in the end we decided to match our customers’ donations completely. The campaign involved emails and Facebook posts so we raised lots of awareness too which is so important to help women get an early diagnosis.

The staff at Target Ovarian Cancer helped us every step of the way which made it so easy to get the campaign up and running quickly. Our contact was Kate, who was always fantastic and very positive from the moment she picked up the phone, not knowing who we were and what we were trying to do, all the way to the very end. It just shows that Target Ovarian Cancer is a charity with amazing people and deserves to be supported along the way of what is a great cause. We truly believe in Target Ovarian Cancer’s values and know that the funds will be used well. As far as we are concerned, this was just the first campaign like this with many more to come in the future.