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Posted by Target Ovarian Cancer on Wednesday 2 September 2009

Barack Obama, President of the United States launched September's Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month in the States by declaring renewed support for women battling the disease and their families.

The President, whose mother died of ovarian cancer at 53 year of age, is known for his commitment to wage war on cancer and for his efforts to bring about health reforms. He has urged fellow Americans to back efforts to increase awareness about what we can all do to prevent and control ovarian cancer.

In a special proclamation issued by the White House he said: "National Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month (in America) helps educate women and men about the importance of knowing common signs and symptoms, scheduling routine doctor visits, and continuing robust scientific research. As a nation, we are united in our resolve to reduce incidence and improve the lives of all those affected."

In the UK, March is the annual month dedicated as Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month. Watch this website for news of activities and campaigns being mounted by Target Ovarian Cancer to maximise focus on the disease at this time.