Callum at parliament
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Posted by Target Ovarian Cancer on Friday 22 December 2017

My name is Calum and this year I completed 7 weeks of voluntary work at Target Ovarian Cancer. Hopefully this post will give readers some insight into the inner workings of this charity. I volunteered here for two reasons. One is that I’m quite familiar with the charity. The charity has been an occasional topic of conversation within our family as my aunt is Chair of Trustees and we’ve attended events such as The Ovarian Cancer Walk. I also have a connection to ovarian cancer itself, having lost both an aunt and a grandmother to the disease.

When I started volunteering here I was expecting a fairly standard office experience. I was expecting to do repetitive data entry at a corner desk and make small talk with co-workers in between, but that wasn't what I got. During my time here I have worked across all the teams within the organisation. I’ve worked on a variety of different tasks, from data entry to different types of research to mail orders. But what has impressed me about the charity and given me such a great experience is that none of the tasks I received or the work I did ever seemed pointless. My co-workers, in all the different teams, were kind, easy to talk to and took the time out to show me the importance of the work done by Target Ovarian Cancer. They showed me the tangible difference the charity makes and contextualised the work done by myself and the charity. I found this very encouraging and motivated me to complete whatever task I had to the best of my abilities.

I leave the charity with a few things. Apart from practical skills such as using a database, I leave with a sense of appreciation for Target Ovarian Cancer. For both its employees: talented, ambitious people and also for the work the charity does through campaigns like TAKE OVAR, support events like Being Together, raising general awareness and through events like the Ovarian Cancer Walk. And finally, I leave with great work life experience that I’ll remember for a very long time.

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